About Our Organization

The Commonwealth Dispensary Association (CDA) provides Massachusetts state-licensed marijuana operators with critical, up-to-date information helping them navigate the complex, highly regulated Massachusetts cannabis industry.

The CDA serves as the primary voice in front of the Cannabis Control Commission and at the State House, representing the interests of CDA members & their organizations.

Goals of the Association

  1. To provide licensed marijuana operators the information and insight they need to make their businesses thrive.
  2. To be the active voice for the cannabis business community in front of the Cannabis Control Commission and at the State House.

CDA Leadership Team

Meet our Senior Leadership Team

David Torrisi
David Torrisi
Executive Director
Keith Cooper
Keith Cooper
CDA President
Bob Mayerson
Bob Mayerson
CDA Treasurer
Jillian Perrillo
Jillian Perrillo
CDA Clerk

Benefits of the CDA

Industry Insight

As a member of the CDA, you’ll have an inside track for having your opinion heard on policy matters while having access to inside information about critical policy developments.

Voice for Industry

CDA leadership collaborates directly with the Department of Public Health and the Cannabis Control Commission to address critical matters that impact the industry operators.

Collaborative Partnerships

CDA membership offers a unique platform to collaborate & socialize with other operators. Relationships are developed & comprehensive info sharing & best practices are passed among members.

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