CDA Membership Directory

Alternative Therapies Group

ARL Healthcare (MariMed)

Berkshire Roots

Bountiful Farms

Buds Goods

CanWell/Liberty Compassion

Central Ave. Compassionate Care

Commonwealth Alternative Care



Ermont, Inc.

Garden Remedies

Good Chemistry

Heal Inc.
Healthy Pharms

Heirloom Collective

In Good Health


Local Roots

Liberty Cannabis

Holistic Industries/Liberty

Mass Alternative Care

Mass Wellspring

Mayflower Medicinals

New England Treatment Access


Northeast Alternatives

Patriot Care

Revolutionary Clinics

Rise Holdings

Silver Therapeutics

Sira Naturals

Theory Wellness

Trichome Health

Triple M

Trulieve (Life Essence)

commonwealth dispensary associatino
commonwealth dispensary association
rise dispensary ma
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