Our Policy Objectives

The CDA exists for the benefit of our members. Our core objectives support the overall goal of influencing regulators & legislators about the need for a healthy and vibrant cannabis industry in Massachusetts.

We achieve this with a focus on the following objectives:


Be a leading voice for Massachusetts marijuana operators

Serving 35 distinct cannabis operators holding a variety of license types, the CDA is the leading voice for the majority of state licensed operators.


Help establish a diverse, thriving, compliant Massachusetts cannabis industry

Support the establishment of a diverse, thriving, compliant Massachusetts cannabis industry.


Lobby & influence regulators & legislators on relevant cannabis issues

Our President is in regular contact with commission officials, helping to develop sound policies for governing the cannabis industry on behalf of the CDA and its members.


Foster collaborative relationships among marijuana operators and with regulators & legislators

Our operators work together to establish best practices and organize operational support for member needs. We also work to create solutions for key issues with regulators and legislators.


Encourage public awareness of regulated cannabis products & markets

We leverage media opportunities, speaking engagement and events to broaden the message about the positive impacts of regulated cannabis in the state.

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